A Free Audio Streamer

I’m setting up a garage bar for the pandemic era and it needs tunes. The Bluetooth speaker is just not cutting it. I’ve got enough spare amps and speakers to get the job done but I need a source. I’m using Zigmahornets for speakers and I’ve settled on a stereo push pull EL84 amp because it’s small, unusual, rugged and it sounds great. Needless to say it’s not Bluetooth capable. I’ve tried some Bluetooth adapters and they all sound... well horrible. The Apple AirPort is good but I’d prefer not to drag the iPad out to the garage. And I’m not really wanting to buy a streamer for the garage. I need something cheap, simple and good.

I had an old Roku LT just setting in a drawer. I discovered to my surprise that it will continue playing after the HDMI cable is unplugged. I added the Tunein app, moved it to the top of the menu list and plugged it into the amp with a 1/8” by RCA cable. It works just fine without the TV as a stand alone source. One need only visualize the five required keystrokes to start it and you’ve got a quality analog wifi source for internet radio for a vintage amp. The price is right and it sounds pretty darn good; a lot better than Bluetooth.

It lacks flexibility but I have it tuned to my favorite internet radio station (Gulch Radio, Jerome AZ). As long as the power supply is on, it outputs continuously. There has been no need to restart it. How cool is that? A free audio streamer!
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