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    I too was a skeptic of the robot vacuums until my wife told me that was her one wish a couple years back. Every home is different and people have different needs but for us it’s works fantastic.

    We do have an expensive one, the 960 Roomba, but we also have two dogs and a cat and we live in a ranch style home. Being able to set the Roomba off to do its job while we are not home is great. There was a learning curve on what things had to be picked up and clear before it became muscle memory.

    It does a great job of gathering dog and car hair and also going under furniture you would never get with a regular vacuum. But we are sensitive to air quality in our home and use ever possible device to have it as clean as possible.

    I would imagine a cheap device would just not work the same and possibly be not worth the trouble as Josh stated. But we are quite satisfied with ours.
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    I vote "let your cat pick one out".
    Plainly they are the ones who have to sit on it.
    They deserve one with the smoothest ride.
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    The newer ones don't get stuck unless you don't take the time to adjust them...

    Working from home requires more cleanup, more dish washing etc. Not complaining just trying to maximize my free time.

    Other cleaning and vacuuming needs to occur too it's just that I don't want to do it and I have a cleaning service that does a fine job but they are only here every 2 weeks. In between this keeps my floors clean so I can be barefoot in the house which I prefer.

    I actually is very useful as folks that use them correctly will attest.

    If you ever come to SWFL you are welcome to come and vacuum and swiffer for me :D
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    It's very likely he bought a really cheap off brand model.
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