JRiver-CXNv2 help

My son in law built me a new computer. Redownloaded JRiver 25, imported the library (external hard drive) and set up the JRiver server. All my files are flac. All files play as flac (including Hi-Rez) on the desktop. My CXNv2 is hardwired to the computer. It plays Hi-Rez files as it should from Qobuz. However, any file I play from the music library comes up as an mp3. It did not do this before. Any help is appreciated
SDA 2BTL , DREADNAUGHT, REGA P3-24 (TT-PSU),Groovetracer sub platter, Delrin platter, Origin Live Encounter tonearm, DYNAVECTOR 20X2 LOMC, Rogue Ares Magnum, McCormack DNA 0.5 Gold, ARC LS-17se, MIT AVT MA IC'S & SPEAKER CABLESCambridge cxn v2


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