JRiver-CXNv2 help

My son in law built me a new computer. Redownloaded JRiver 25, imported the library (external hard drive) and set up the JRiver server. All my files are flac. All files play as flac (including Hi-Rez) on the desktop. My CXNv2 is hardwired to the computer. It plays Hi-Rez files as it should from Qobuz. However, any file I play from the music library comes up as an mp3. It did not do this before. Any help is appreciated
SDA 2BTL, VPI Prime, Soundsmith Zephyr MKIII, Rogue Ares Magnum, McCormack DNA 0.5 Gold, ARC LS-17se, Cambridge cxn v2, MIT AVT MA IC'S & SPEAKER CABLES


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