Polkaudio sub to Denon amp

I'm an amateur and don't know much about home entertainment systems

I have a Denon AVR 888 and just bought a polkaudio sub, PSW10.
I wasn't expecting the 2 L/R jacks on the sub, so I'm looking for that cable.
I've read some posts here abiut filter setting. So I'm wondering if I will just be able to plug and play, or will I need to play with settings?



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    The connection is fairly easy just use a single RCA cable to go from the receiver's sub out connection to either the right or left (either one is fine) input on the subwoofer. Since the signal coming from your receiver is filtered, sending only low frequencies, set the variable low pass filter, on the sub, all the way clockwise to the highest setting. This avoids any additional filtering from the subwoofer.