What's the big thing you are going to do after Covid19 peeters out?



  • audioluvr
    audioluvr Posts: 3,319
    F**k that! I got dibs on the wife ( after she gets out for murder)
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  • Viking64
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    You can have the wife.

    I'll take the '59. :o
  • HzTweaker
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    edited April 2020
    verb wrote: »
    I hope the Mrs doesn't see this :wink: , but I'm thinking about once my company reimburses me (with interest) on the 20% pay cut, I may just get a set of L800's ! :smile:

    All chime in with me "DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT"!!!!

    Lets see: Get a hair cut!, Re-plan/schedule my trip to San Diego, Hopefully get to see TOOL in concert (because I was going to see them in Charlotte the 21th this month) and resume my Tuesday tradition of going to wing night at my favorite local watering hole.
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  • Milito
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    edited April 2020
    I'll take his garage.
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  • civilian
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    I'm going here for the whole day and talk to everyone in the place:
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