Robert Plant's Saving Grace

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Robert Plant is playing a few gigs in the US with a band he's called Saving Grace. Robert is playing with a woman named Suzi Dian, billed as songs about the swamps of Wales. This is VERY intriguing to me, and since he is playing at a very small venue in Milwaukee on May 13, I tried to get some presale tickets this morning. As I should have anticipated, they were sold out in minutes. I called the box office and they told me there were 13 tickets in "transition" and I should keep trying the website as these people may end up not completing the sale. I ended up getting a single ticket -standing general admission. Will try the general sale tomorrow morning for a reserved seated but I'm not holding my breath. At least I got one ticket, love me some Robert Plant, and especially in a Led Zeppelin III type musical environment. If Saving Grace is coming to your town I'd try to snap up a few tickets. He's not playing very many in the US as I understand it.


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    Congrats on snagging a ticket! Enjoy!
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    Icon no doubt. Congrats!
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    Spent a fair amount of time in Wales, don't recall too many swamps though. Are they playing fairly small venues?
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    Yeah, I've driven all around Wales also but don't remember swamps. You'll have to google Saving Grace featuring Robert Plant to see the flowery language they used to describe the music, but if I had to describe it myself I'd probably say it resembled current Celtic type of Mark Knopfler in Robert Plant sort of way. At any rate, I tried today to get another ticket on the general sale and it was sold out before I could even get through. The venue is small. I was really lucky to get one standing general admission on the presale. I see the price on the resale market is now quadruple what I paid. I'm hoping to upgrade day of show to a reserved seat but chances are slim I'm afraid.
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    It was probably marshlands, not swamps. There's a fair few of those in Wales.

    Very interested to hear what this new direction sounds like.
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    OleBoot wrote: »
    It was probably marshlands, not swamps. There's a fair few of those in Wales.

    Very interested to hear what this new direction sounds like.

    Indeed, here's the quote: "Music inspired by the dreamscapes of the Welsh marshes." (Although to a mid-westerner, I consider a marsh and a swamp to be the same. Lol)
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    Sounds like a misquote of Welsh Marches, which is an area on the England / Wales border, and is indeed very beautiful countryside. I could imagine him getting inspired by that more so than by marshes - flat expanses of boggy ground with tall grass !
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    I believe that you are correct
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    I found the bogs of Wales and England very inspiring. I loved the moors too.
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    My girlfriend and I saw Robert last October in Bend, Oregon. GREAT show. I wish he was coming to this neck of the woods with this tour, but alas, the shows a very limited. Gongratulations on being able to see a show from this tour! Let us know how it is.
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    Different tour but I love this print..
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