Which Speakers Where 7.1.2 setup

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I recently added to my 5.1 system by adding some Front Height speakers and am now adding Side Surround as well. I have Polk Monitor 60 Series II for the Front's, Polk Monitor 40 Series II for the Rears, Polk CS10 for the Center, Polk PSW505 for the Sub, and 2 speakers from a Energy classic 5.0 for Front Height. I purchased a pair of Polk TSi100's to timber match the rest of the system. I mainly use the system for Movies/TV. My question is should I put the smaller TSi100's as the Surround Rear and the Monitor 40's as the Side Surround or Vice Versa?

All of this is powered by a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX302 Receiver
Front Left/Right - Polk Monitor 60 Series II
Rear Left/Right - Polk Monitor 40 Series II
Center- Polk CS10
Subwoofer - Polk PSW505
Front Height Left/Right - Energy Classic
Surround Left/Right - TSi100
Receiver - Pioneer Elite VSX-LX302
TV - TCL 65r625 Quantum Dot
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