LSi15 Woofer mod, if a DB840 is good, would an MM840 be better?



  • skrolskrol Posts: 2,890
    I agree that I love the mids and uppers. The bass, even with the DB840 is tricky. These speaker are very placement dependent. The bass sounds much better if you can get them away from the back and side walls. With proper placement, they really do sound quit nice.

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    The placement of mine is not the best. I will have to try bringing them out from the walls some more and see if it helps.

    Still yet, I'm curious what a lighter cone mid bass driver would sound like in these LSIs. I think of the older full range speakers with the larger paper coned woofers in them and how nice the mid bass always sounded. The LSI bass is just so non existent compared to other speakers. I'm thinking of the old JBLs, Cerwin Vegas, not necessarily HI Fi speakers. I haven't really heard a lot of speakers that would be considered great in the audiophile world. Even though the LSIs have that nice refined sound to them the lack of bass just makes them so unsatisfying to me. They seem to be great for jazz or classical but for just plain rocking out they really don't do it for me at all.
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