Best wireless earbuds around $100.00

Sennheiser M2 Free SE are on sale on Amazon for $100.00, and they retail at $200.00.
Are these the best ones I can get around the $100.00 range? Thanks for your commets in advance


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    The answer to your question depends on a few different factors. What do you mean by "best ones"? Best sound? Most durable? Longest battery life?

    I'm guessing you're looking for an overall "best", but a big part of that is based on the sound you're after. You looking for something balanced? Sonic-v? Bass accentuated?

    Gets complicated.
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  • most audiophile to sound like the music is supposed to.
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    Only one way to know for sure. It's Amazon, right? Try 'em, and take the <$10 hit on the return label if you don't like them. Be insightful to hear your impressions.

    You can read reviews and discussions for a general sense of performance (and, frankly, head-fi's a better forum for that) but you can't know for yourself until you hear them yourself.
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