power handling and RT1000i's & CS400i

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I was wondering what the power handling capacity would be on a RT1000i that was fed a seperate line input to the sub input.Oh course binding post plates removed. Would the wattage be the same as a RT35i???????
And if I Bi-amp my CS400i how is the power routed . upper binding post goes to tweeter. lower to both lower frequency units? OR uper to tweeter and a low frequency unit . lower binding post to the other low frequency driver? how much power can the upper posts handle , and how much can the lower posts handle?:rolleyes: Also I was wondering if It is best to run a sub woofer cable to the RT1000i sub input . Or a regular full audio spectrum cable ???? Which will acheive the best sub output audio??? It will be run out from my L R pre-amp outputs .

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    Thanks for posting on the Forum. We recommend amplification of 30 to 250 Watts/channel for the RT1000i using either a speaker level connection or line level connection to the bass amplifier. The RT35i we recommend amplification of 20 to 125 Watts/channel. On the CS400i the upper binding post connections are fed to the high pass filter, of the crossover, and the 1" tweeter. The lower binding posts provide connections to the low pass filter and the two 6.5" drivers. Most of the time, when speaker owners bi-amplify their speakers, they choose an amplifier for the treble portion that they feel produces the kind of treble transient response or detail that they feel is better than what they were using before. The same with the second amplifier, they look for one that produces the kind of bass definition and control that surpasses what they were using before. In other words, in bi-amping, an owner is able to choose an amplifier that is tailored to the sonic task. I think the first time I bi-amplified my system I used an Audio Research D51FB for the treble section and an Audio Research D75 for the bass/mid range. I felt that the D51 had beautiful sounding treble response, "open" and "transparent", while the D75 had excellent mid range "depth" and very dynamic bass response. I worked to blend an amplifier type and sound with what I wanted the system to do.
    I feel the RT1000i bass section is best driven by a full range line level signal, that way its built-in low pass filter won't conflict with an incoming filtered signal.
    Best regards, Ken Swauger
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