WTB: Lsi9s or Lsi7s

aequitasaequitas Posts: 77
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Looking for a good deal (arent we all) on a pair of Lsi7s or 9s either black or cherry in good shape.

Long time lurker, havent posted all too much but i'm working on upgrading sections of my setup so im looking for the 7s for my rear upgrade or the 9s for my front upgrade.
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  • naliwabanaliwaba Posts: 8
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    Let me know when you get your LSi-9's in front and I can sell you a single LSi-9 in cherry to complete the front sound stage. I did this because I wanted a seamless front sound stage for SACD and I can tell you, the sound of an exact matching center is amazing!

    SACD / Theatre Setup:

    Denon AVR-3805
    Denon DVD-2900
    Monster Power HTS-2600
    Polk LSi-9 x 2 (Main)
    Polk LSi-9 x 1 (Center)
    Polk LSi-9 x 2 (Rear)

  • rnp614rnp614 Posts: 598
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    bump for a sexy guy who wants some awesome polk speakers
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