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  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 21,574
    msg wrote: »
    As others, Farrah is ruined for me now.
    Eff you John. For commissioning this project.
    Eff you Herm. For accepting it.
    And the biggest Eff you goes to you Russ - Just for being.

    Also, the biggest 'sup-nod goes to you Russ. Just for being.

    I was done with her when Pamela Anderson walked into my life...
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  • msgmsg Posts: 5,045
    Jeez man, I don't know how to process that one.

    Quick Herm, whip up a Russified Pamela Anderson to haunt John's dreams.
    I disabled signatures.
  • oldrockeroldrocker Posts: 2,227
    Read somewhere that the "untarnished" version of that poster sold over 12 million copies.
  • msgmsg Posts: 5,045
    Wonder how many copies the "tarnished" version sold.
    I disabled signatures.
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 31,648
    JHC John, I can't un see that now. You just ruined an Iconic poster in my memory bank.

    Though...we can save that one for Russ's wedding. :D
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    edited November 14
    Nice nips!!!!
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