Best way to hook up a subwoofer with dual voice coils?

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I have a Lanzar 12" 1000 watt, Unsure of the model due to someone scraping the sticker off the magnet, but it has dual voice coils I've always seen people just "Jump" From one voice coil input to the other VIA speaker wire, is there a more effective way to hook this sub, or any dual voice coil sub up for that matter, to produce better sound? Just wondering, thanks :D
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    you have to either configure the driver with a parallel or series connection. You cannot run the driver with only one coil without probable damage to the driver. The driver can be either dual 4-ohm or dual 2-ohm drivers. If your amplifier is capable of driving a 2-ohm load, you would run a dual 4-ohm in parallel or the dual 2-ohm in series. Conversely, if the amp cannot drive a 2-ohm load, you have to connect the driver in series only. You have to determine the impedance by hooking the coils is series in parallel and series and read the connections with a multimeter.
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    It all depends on what the coils impedance is. Like jon s said. If they are 4ohm then you can run parallel and get a 2ohm total
    load or run series and get an 8ohm load. If they are 2ohm then in parallel they would be 1ohm and in series 4ohm. You can
    also run each coil off a separate channel using a 2 channel amp. That's what i did. I have heard mixed things about running just one coil, but my understanding is you can use just one without hurting the speaker.
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    I always the wire the subs to lowest impedance that is SAFE for the amplifier .
    Dont guess the amp is good on 2 ohms check it out
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    The only problem with driving each voice coil off a separate channel is when the balance is altered at the head unit the power to each coil is altered and clipping can result.
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    He probably figured that out SIX years ago. :|
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