Dehumidifier in Gaithersburg MD

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Just had to post this because it is such a great deal if you are in need of a good dehumidifier and live close enough to drive to Gaithersburg Lake Forest Mall, Sears.

I just purchased a 50 pint $179 dehumidifier for $45. They also had $219 70 pint ones for $55. They look brand new, never been used and they had about 30 of them Saturday and about 20 today when I got mine. There were a few with small marks, one with a wheel missing and many with no signs of use whatsoever. I'm guessing it was a design problem which caused them not to operate so they were returned and repaired. I cannot tell mine from new and all functions work. A great deal if you need one!

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    I just want to know the condition of the Dehumidifier and which brand they belong to. Knowing all these can help me decide whether to purchase it or not.
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    Dehumidifier spammer? Really? Dehumidifier?

    How low can spamming sink?

    I just want to know the condition of the twisty ties from

    Edit: To be clear there was a link, he edited it out for some reason.
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    LOL Good point.
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    Can you share your experience as you purchased Dehumidifier from them? It would be of some help to us.
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    First tip this is an O L D thread....
    Too much stuff to keep track of.

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    Second tip, Madmax has departed this world. RIP Chuck, miss ya bro.
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    Did not know Chuck passed. He was a great guy! Rest In Peace Chuck.
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    Damn.....I read the title and got excited. I live in Gaithersburg and need a dehumidifier! Pretty bummed now especially after finding out that chuck passed. RIP
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