Seas Thor pair + Odin center channel

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These feature the Millennium drivers from Seas and while these are a DIY kit, the fit and finish on this pair is quite exceptional. The Odin is a pre-built cabinet for this kit but the Thor cabinets are hand-built. The grills fit perfectly in line with the lines of the bottom part of the cabinet and feel quite sturdy. There are slight imperfections where the veneer did not quite line up (hand cut), but they are minor and to me at least, give the speakers a bit of character. He also fabricated some plates to seal the port on the rear in case you wanted or needed to put them near the front wall.

Asking $2,500 for the trio. If you wanted to build this trio, you'd be spending $2,700 on the drivers alone. The pics below really showcase the imperfections - they are nowhere near as noticeable in person. I had actually bought these to be a personal set for my bedroom but bigger expenses have reared their ugly head.



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    How do they sound skip?
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    rooftop59 wrote: »
    How do they sound skip?

    I've never disliked a speaker utilizing these drivers. If I bought them to keep them for myself (which I did), you can bet they're delivering the sound.
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    Forgot to say - I also have about a half dozen rubber surrounds for the woofers that I will include with the sale. One of them had a crease from the factory and they sent the original owner multiple replacements. He had the creased one replaced by a professional.
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    How much for the diapers?
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    Dammit Johnny!
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    Nice! Those Seas Excel drivers seriously detailed. Nice opp for someone looking to upgrade their all-in-one system. Heck, a pair or Salk towers with the Excel drivers and RAAL ribbon tweets is $5K. Add $2K for a center channel!
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    I got to hear the Thors at Skip's place and they are killer. We tried them with a MasterSound Duventi and a Norma integrated. They were efficient enough to deliver great sound with the Mastersound, but the Norma gave them a truly shocking amount of slam. I was caught off guard.
    If I was able to move on these now I absolutely would have. I've thought about them since. Someone is going to get a great system with these.
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    The excel drivers are killer, true beast
    - Not Tom

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