Velodyne SMS-1, subwoofer management system

Anyone interested in a Velodyne SMS-1? I’ve had this one packed up in my storage closet now for over 3 years, maybe even longer. In like new condition with everything in original box. I can open the box and take pics if anyone’s interested. Trying to move out some old gear to make room for new gear. Asking $200, you pay shipping within the cont. USA. If it doesn’t move here I’ll post elsewhere by the end of the week. Again, if you need pics I’ll remove from the box and take some. Thanks for looking!
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  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 43,092
    This is very similar to the calibration system in my DD+10. It helps to dial in the sub and get the most out of it. Pretty amazing really.
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  • Grimster74Grimster74 Posts: 2,522
    Guess I should have given a little more of a description of the unit. Basically like F1nut described but the real benefits is for people with multiple subwoofers. Everything is displayed on-screen as well as it has a parametric eq built into the unit to help level out your subwoofer response curve and better blend them in with your mains.
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  • daddyjtdaddyjt Posts: 1,093
    If one has a Velodyne DD sub and is missing the remote and/or calibration mic, this
    Is is a great way to get both. The DD subs leave a lot of their potential at the door without the remote.
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  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 1,257
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    I used to install for listen up audio video out of Colorado. If this uses the same as (as F1 puts it) the DD subs, they, were were amazing.
  • Grimster74Grimster74 Posts: 2,522
    SOLD!!!Pending Payment to suprafantx!
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