Cheap Network Streamer - The LG V30, V40 Hi-Res smartphones with MQA

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The LG V20, V30, V40 are devices I've been meaning to check out for awhile. I was close to getting one at one point but went with a Motorola phone. More recently I just picked up a Google Pixel 3a.

Maybe I might try this in a cheap music system? The V30 mated with a set of active Edifier 3000pro speakers. I'm hoping to listen to the Edifiers this week at the Abt Electronics Polk, etc demo event. Would be less than half the cost of the other simple music system options I'm considering.

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    I have the V30S. SQ is well above any other "phone" streamer I've ever heard. Flexible EQ sets and have had no problems with Spotify. I use the 3.5mm jack in my truck and Bluetooth with the Winboure.
    No bloated bass or screetching highs. Worth the investment in my book.
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