Howdy ! I'm Back !

I took the summer off from posting to ride my scoot and help take care of Ma, as she's not so well these days.
Today however, I was awakened by the knock of a deliveryman, who just happened to have a pair of KEF q10's with him !
I went from full sleep mode, to the kid who just woke up on xmas morning !
These baby's hardly look like they'd ever been played.
q10's had a penchant for having the butyl rubber surrounds pucker around the speaker frame, but there's no sign of that here.
I'd just purchased a pair of Pinnacle AC650's last week, which I was enjoying quite well.................until I saw the KEFs on FleaBay that is.
The q10's beat them out in an early morning comparison test, but only by a little bit.
I've also still been working on my full range projects and ended up selling off the guts to my Tannoys (for more than I paid for the speakers) and installed those Dayton Point Source full range driver in them.
They sound great, but still need to be broken in a bit more.
Anyway, I'm back.




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