anyone interested in a nakamichi td-400 auto cassette deck

ok , all you savvy veterans on here, don't make fun of me cuz I'm new! im sure I'm doin this wrong , but i should get a badge for courage! (wiz of oz straw man?) so were do i ask/post this . anyway great unit, only problem is.... no one wants or uses cassette decks anymore, but the td 400 is an excellent machine. just can't convince myself to toss it or give it away. maybe for parts

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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,735
    Karma it to a member here, where it will be loved and cared for.
  • ericerikericerik Posts: 53
    edited July 25
    Well doesn't look like your guna need one!! Lol that's exactly it. It was and still is great sounded machine. Most alll the bells and whistles. I had connected to the Polk 3way 6 half component auto speakers forget the model number. Powered by ads amp
  • ericerikericerik Posts: 53
    Wow. Looks like some u guys are alright! Keep that positive vibes coming . I no what be perfect . I think you need one for parts/ backup. Correct? Lol did you use that one? (Yours)
  • kharp1kharp1 Posts: 3,390
    Had a friend that had a Nak in his car back in the 80's and it was a sweet sounding mobile unit.
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  • ericerikericerik Posts: 53
    I got mine in the late 80 . And yes it was sweet sounding!! I got a Insurance settlement . For an accident I was in . That's the only way I could afford anything close to that. It was over 400 $ just for the head unit. It was only 2 years after thAt , CDs started taking over.
  • So is this for sale or what? I'm looking for a 500 or 700 model but they are hard to find in good shape.
  • ericerikericerik Posts: 53
    Hi sorry I just read this. Yes it's for sale. Not sure how to price it. Give me a reasonable offer.
  • ericerikericerik Posts: 53
    Its in good shape. I will post pic shortly.
  • tophatjohnnytophatjohnny Posts: 2,671
    Stick around a while or post your but off and maybe you can sell it here???. No member here with any decency is giving you 10 cents for it. Put it on Craigslist or Karma it here and gain some momentum in that said decency department. No 🍿 needed.
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  • if i was looking for decency... i wouldnt be looking here. lol
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 3,725
    ericerik wrote: »
    if i was looking for decency... i wouldnt be looking here. lol

    That's sig material, do you mind if I use it?
  • indyhawgindyhawg Posts: 1,339
    ericerik wrote: »
    if i was looking for decency... i wouldnt be looking here. lol

    Sounds like you have met Russ.
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