Hello everyone,,
I'm 100% content with my system and I have no idea what to do with myself!!!

Here is what is great about it. I'm in between purchases and using all of my "back up" electronics which is the following:

Music Source: Tidal
$200 - Streamer: Squeezebox Touch
$150 - DAC: Keces DA-151 Mkii
$150 - Preamp: diy DCB1 buffer
$150 - Amp: Parasound HCA-750a

= $650!!!

Speakers: Totem Hawk
Room Size: 9ft wide by 11ft deep with 8ft ceiling
Room Treatment: (7) DIY absorption panels

With the help of my wife, I found the first reflection points with the mirror trick and treated them with 4 absorption panels. I put the remaining panels on the rear wall and one under my corner desk. At the same time, I swapped in the Keces DAC and the DCB1 buffer.

What I've been hearing for the last couple of days is absolutely perfect. Keep in mind, we just moved so the 2 channel rig is now in my office. The Totem Hawks in this small room are really wonderful. It's like they finally have a space that they can strut their stuff in. The other rooms I've had them in were large and the sound just never scaled. They love this room now. I mean, wow. For being such a small room, it sounds incredibly lively even with the absorption panels. The bass is VERY tight and punchy. I don't hear anything in the frequency spectrum that is lacking. It all sounds, dare I say, perfect to my ears.

I have a couple thousand dollars set aside for a new DAC and mono amps but I keep wondering if I should save the money? I'm just so happy with the system right now.


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 43,106
    If you want even better sound dump Tidal and get a high end CD/SACD player and a turntable.
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  • EmlynEmlyn Posts: 2,530
    Since it's an office system and it sounds perfect there, I'd keep most of what's there as is. As F1nut says above, spend money on improving the source material if there is a desire for something more. Maybe also look into real high resolution DSD and 24 bit WAV downloads from HDTracks or similar to see what the latest in digital can bring to a system. That means getting another DAC I suspect that can handle DSD.
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