Which Subwoofer would be best?

Hello everyone,,
I am currently looking to upgrade my system, I have decided to use RC85i's for all 5 of my HT speakers. I will be driving the theater with a Denon 3808CI. My room dimensions are 11 X 16 with the system on one of the 11 foot walls. What I want to do is place 2 subwoofers at the opposite side of the room and on the opposing corners. My budget is 300.00 per sub using the 300.00 credit for buying the RC85i's. I have used this Foum in the past and found it to be extreme helpful, I look foward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

PS the equipment list below is from 2004 so none of it is relevant anymore.


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    Is this system for HT mainly? In my last house I had 5 x RC85i's and they were really nice for both HT and music, although I was able to prep the spaces during construction and build half-assed enclosures with 2x4's and insulation.
    You can get these refurbished Martin Logan Dynamo 700's on Ebay from Safe and Sound for $309.99 shipped. They were originally around $600 I believe so you'd be getting a good value. I bought one a few months back before springing for my Rythmik and they are very good.
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    I would suggest Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer based on your requirements.
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