Polk C4 subwoofer drivers?

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I own a Polk Audio model C4 subwoofer. Anyone who knows what this is, knows that it's about 10 years old. It has 4 (four) 6x9 drivers and, well, two of them require repair or replacement. I have been told (Midwest Speaker Repair) that Polk no longer supplies replacement drivers for this model.
Suggestions? Any and all will be appreciated.
Thank you for your time,
Scott Johnson
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    ya a few other people inquired abotu this on the boards and the polkie guys said the drivers are no longer available, so sorry to say you're prolly **** outta luck.

    might wanna look at two of the new MM2104's or something like that.

    or even the new 8's.
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    I also need two or will sell my box
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    budhead wrote: »
    I also need two or will sell my box

    Dude, 16 year old thread...
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    looks like people still read this 16 year old thread...:-)
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