Feeler: PS Audio AC-3 package

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I’m thinking about upgrading from my old plasma TV to a newer model. I found a good deal locally but it may not last.

I’m putting out a feeler on selling a package of 4 PS Audio AC-3 power cables for 450 + shipping.

If I can find buyers for all 4 I’d consider splitting them up.

I am also willing to entertain offers but send via PM.

Prefer to deal with known active forum members only.

You will get 3 2.0m AC-3s and a 1.5m AC-3, with factory boxes and inserts.

I’d prefer to do a package deal to start rather than piece them out.

If your interested let me know.

Again this is a FEELER to see if anyone would be interested in the package.

Here is the line 1.5 meter cable


Here are the 2.0 meter cables. The factory packaging is in my shed and I haven’t got it out yet, but I have it.

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