Monitor 7B questions

Someone in my area has a pair of 7Bs for $50 w/peerless tweeters. From the pic the drivers look good (no obvious tears/holes) but when queried she rated the cabs 6 out of 10 for condition. She also said the sound volume is low so she knows something is amiss. I think the price is good, maybe I can get them lower and at least end up with good drivers/tweets. I have no problem w/crossover update or frozen magnet repair but just figured I'd check out comments from you guys. I'll be checking them out this week.



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    Get them, for 50, that's a good deal.
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    FestYboy wrote: »
    Get them, for 50, that's a good deal.

    I agree, especially if you have DIY skills. And If in working condition those tweeters will get you at least that much if you decide to part them out...
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    If sound volume is low, could be the magnets have shifted. They still make a little sound even with the voice coils pinched. For $50 that’s a killer deal!
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