SDA 2b ((((( HELP! )))))


I installed a pair of Rdo-194's on my SDA 2b's and am noticing Bright sound after tweeter burn in (100+hours). This is weird as I dropped in 194's on my CRS+'s with no issues. I opened up the cabs to investigate and measured the tweeter's (6.6 Ohms on each. I didn't confuse them with the 198's I also received) The drivers are the 6 1/2's are the 6511 outer and 6503 inner so they are not 2a's. These are a blade/blade (87,88 era according to the SDA handbook) All drivers are moving freely and making sound. The black wire is connected to the positive of the tweeter. Serial number are 16354 & 15974. I will attempt to attach pictures as this is my first time doing so...

I am sure it's something simple. Please advise & THANK YOU!


  • JYDJYD Posts: 15
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    The tweeter appears to be playing louder in the mix. Maybe I misspoke when I said bright. Possible crossover issue? The configuration of the current system is slightly warm in presentation when connected to other speakers I have. Its connected to a Naim Supernait 1 and Naim cd player.
  • FaustinFaustin Posts: 957
    Perhaps it is time to rebuild the crossovers. The 194 is not a "bright tweeter" in fact it should sound much, much better than the SL-2000.
  • JYDJYD Posts: 15
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    Thank you Faustin! I am familiar with the 194 on my CRS+'s and they do sound better than the SL-2000's for SURE.

    Can these take the TL mods if the blade/blade is removed? I would like to run Monoblock's on the with the interface/transformer. I have Larry rings and a pair of RDO-198's and planned crossover upgrade.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,852
    Can't do that with the blade/blade generation. TL mod doesn't have anything to do with the IC.
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 44,488
    You can TL your speakers. Add the 5.8uF per TL mod and run a jumper from the large blade to the negative binding post.

    As for the new tweeters being loud, maybe the old ones were shot?
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  • JYDJYD Posts: 15
    Thanks F1 Nut for the TL news! I am guessing its probably a crossover issue. The strange part is it is identical in both speakers.

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