Rtia7 to computer

As the title states this is what I'm attempting but I'm completely lost as to what parts I may need. Any professionals able to make this easy on me?


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    I assume you mean the reverse as you can't make a speaker go to a computer.

    Key items needed: Computer, speakers, receiver/integrated amp/preamp/amp.

    Depending on how serious you get you can use a DAC as well.

    Basic configuration:
    Computer playing movies or music > 3.5mm (headphone) cable to RCA which plug into the receiver/integrated/pre > speaker wire from said receiver to speakers.

    Computer > DAC via usb > RCA from DAC to Receiver > speaker wire from receiver to speakers.
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    See if your computer has a soundcard installed in it already. Some motherboards even have some sort of "on-board" sound card, so check that out too. That will give you a digital output that you can plug into a receiver that has a digital input. This can take the place of a DAC for just O.K. audio.