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A couple of times on the Bottlehead forum folks have posted about their great experience with ZMF headphones. I found that they are a Chicago company and they were at AXPONA.

I talked with owner Zach for a bit on Friday and when I returned on Saturday made a point of going to visit them again. Really nice folks and easy to talk to. No apparent snake oil, just good design, fit, finish, and implementation.

So I bought a pair of Auteur Ambrosia's with the show discount. Zach threw in an upgraded 1/4" cable and a stock XLR. These have a blemish on them somewhere or so Zach said and I got an even deeper discount. They aren't the most attractive wood he uses but I can't see them at all when wearing them! :D

I've had them on for many hours since getting home yesterday. I also ran the Sennheiser HD800s's today for comparison.

These are warmer than the Senns but not in a bad way. They are also more holographic and I'm not sure how he did that. I've found myself looking left and/or right for sounds that don't appear to come from the headphones only to find that's exactly where the origin is.

These can go toe to toe with Sennheiser HD800s's. If you like a more analytical sound the Senn's will win but I don't think the Senn's have this holographic soundstage.

I'd highly recommend these.

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    I’ve been a fan of ZMF since AXPONA last year. Picked up a pair of Atticus a couple months ago. Absolutely love them! All of Zach’s cans are works of art. Have you tried yours on an OTL amp? It is supposed to be magical. I will be looking at picking one up in the near future.
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    Not yet. Listened for a couple days on the Bottlehead Mainline. I've got parts coming to make a longer cord.

    Next up the bottlehead Crack-a-two-a which is OTL and there's a highly modified Crack hiding here somewhere I can run them on.
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