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Can anyone explain what happened to this speaker and how to fix it? Is it something that can be easily fixed? The tv is mounted to the wall but I’m not sure how this speaker was moved. It seems to be supported by some type of adhesive? I remember tripping over a wire that i connected to the tv. It shook a bit but otherwise it’s pretty sturdy. I’m not sure if the speaker was like this before or after it shook. Btw it’s not my tv so that’s why I’m asking these questions. payrp6s6vbn7.jpeg

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    Nothing happened to the speaker. Push a little on the left side to move it back into place.
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    I want more pictures of the speaker wire going to it...or not.
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  • I pushed it a little to the left side. It did help a little but it’s still uneven. I just am curious to know if it’s something I did when I tripped over that wire. Unfortunately I can’t remember how it looked before it happened. prb2bxhj7cde.jpeg
  • The wire I tripped over was my Xbox one going to the tv on the right side. kzwave8y9mrc.jpeg
  • VR3VR3 Posts: 23,899
    Looks like foam or adhesive
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