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Man, Spotify Radio has been absolutely nailing it for me lately for exposure to new music. I used to use Pandora a while back for exploring new music, but began to cool on it when it started becoming really repetitive. It was getting annoying, and no matter what I did for tuning - interacted more or interacted less, created all new stations and seeds - it was always the same stuff. The last straw was when they started borrowing favorite tracks from my other stations, some of them completely 'unrelated' genres. Dumped.

I hopped on it again about 2 or 3 months ago, and while not awful, yeah, not really any better.

I never really used the Spotify radio feature before. Spotify has a bunch of ways to start up their radio feature. I sort of stumbled onto it when it started filling in after my playlists would end, and lately, it's been great for exposure to stuff I've not heard before.

New favorite to explore, this band called Wilderado I just heard today.
An arresting confluence of soaring melodies, lush harmonies, and driving indie rock, ‘Favors’ is the band’s most collaborative work yet
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    Yes! I have the same complaints about pandora. Well lets see he doesn't like this song so lets play it from a greatest hits album and he'll probably like it better. NOT And yes what is with the same song several times a day? It seems to be getting worse instead of better to. I'm ready to switch to Spotify. My problem is I don't like picking out a play list. As soon they have a station-genre shuffle it'll be good riddance pandora
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