More amps if i can

I've 3 sonamp 2120t amps each 120w at 8ohm to klipsh either 820 s or 280 s that are rated to 150 rms and 600 dynamic watts . Was wondering if i could utilize either one or both of my other amps a sonamp 260 that is 2 channels at 60 watts 3 times and a niles si1230 at 30 watts per channel at 8ohm but is self bridgeable to 70 watts it says not sure of ohm. Are either or both able to be safely added to the mix? Thank you in advance


  • tonyb
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    The 2120t amps are enough in my view. Klipsch usually takes little power to get them to boogie. Pay little attention to those recommended wattage usage numbers on the back of speakers.

    Short answer is, no.

    If I were you though, I might sell some of those amps and invest in one better quality amp. Preferably a tube amp, which would warm up those speakers some and give them a bit more depth in the sound.
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    I am not really terribly clear on what the actual question is :/ but if I am interpreting correctly the OP's asking about powering either Klipsch R-820F or Klipsch RB-280F loudspeakers(?).

    if so...

    These are both pretty sensitive loudspeakers (although Klipsch of today has a reputation for publishing optimistic sensitivity ratings).

    RP-280f rated at 8 ohm ("compatible") and 98 dB SPL/1 watt @ 1 meter.

    R-820F rated at 8 ohm ("compatible") and 97 dB SPL/1 watt @ 1 meter.

    I.e., either model should be fairly easy to drive and require modest amounts of power.

    For comparison, the loudspeakers I use are about 102 dB SPL/1 watt @ 1 meter, and I use an amplifier capable of about 3.5 watts per channel to drive them.