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I recently bought a psw250 and a yamaha HTR-5550 reciever. The problem is that the subwoofer output on the reciever is a single RCA female jack but the subwoofer has left and right RCA inputs. I'm not sure how to properly hook this up. There are also standard speaker wire inputs on the sub but I only have one set of speaker outputs on the reciever. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    dose the yamaha receiver have a lfe rca out put if it dose. connect to your rca input on the sub, if your sub dose have a lfe subwoofer in put, yor mite use your speaker wires from your l&r mains out put from your receiver speaker outs to the sub speaker in puts then go from the subs speakers outs to your main speakers . o r upgrade to the psw-350 polk i think they have a rca lft subwoofer input. if you got it from cc they will exchange for a differance in price.
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    Rock, just run a single run to the sub in rca from the lfe out,to lfe in or left or right.You should go in on the lfe in so you don't double filter.
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