To all those I owe a package to...

Thank you for your patience in getting things out this week. I have been exceptionally ill with the worst cold/flu I have had in years. It hit me like a ton of bricks and still has not let up enough for me to be fully functional. Today I was finally able to get everything in their proper boxes and packed for shipping.

Kevin, The Beatles box set is packed with upholstery grade cushion foam all around and with a protective cover over the box itself. It will go out USPS when they open again on Tuesday.

Brian, The Cartridge is packed as if it left ClearAudio for the first time. It is surrounded by additional material on all sides and a foam shell around the curio box that contains the cartridge itself. It will also go out on Tuesday via USPS.

Bob, the Budgie will go out on Tuesday as well via USPS. It is placed inside a plastic wrap and wrapped in a foam shell as well.

Jermaine, yours is also in the factory box and ready to go. I added some additional material to the factory stuff to ensure it makes the trip undamaged. It will go out on Monday via FedEX Ground.

Please accept my deepest appologies for being so late in getting these out. Your patience is appreciated more than you know.


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    Sorry youve been under the weather. Hope you’re on the mend now.

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  • Tony MTony M Posts: 7,437
    Hang in there John! :#
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    Get well soon John.
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    All your packages have flu germs! Wait a week before opening, so they die off!
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    Get better John soon and thanks for the update.
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    "Cody, the Pass Labs X. 02 is ready to go. I did pack it with a bit more foam and attached that life we discussed you needed. Should be shipped out tomorrow."

    Thanks man! Feel better soon.
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    Get well bro!
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    No worries. We are good to go. Hope you are feeling better now.
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