NICE Infinity RS IIIB floorstanding speakers

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I am selling my Infinity RS IIIB floorstanding speakers. The RS IIIB was made from 1985 to 1986 . I worked in the audio biz back then and we sold these for $1500. They are around 48 inches tall by 18 by 7. They weigh around 70lbs. The RS IIIB has two 10 inch Polycone woofers, 1 Polydome midrange and the famous EMT tweeter. There are level controls on back. See link to specs sheet.. Mine are in excellent shape and work perfectly. The four 10 inch drivers were refoamed last fall. I also added 4 small blocks inside to beef up the cabinet as that back panel is big and that helps control cabinet resonance. The cabinets are beautiful with two little and I mean little like 1/8 in marks on one side front edge where the fluting is. The bases have been drilled for spikes and an adjustable bolt for tilt back. The grills are in very nice shape but one badge is missing. This is. a turn key deal and needs nothing other then the badge.. I have RS 2.5s and just cannot keep them all. Local pickup. I am in the Twin Cities area and am asking $395 Thanks
PM for pictures


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    Now $365 I really do not want to part these out but it is getting to that point
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    Oops... Wrong thread. Hangs head in shame.
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    I owned these in the mid 80's, and if I were within 600 miles, I'd be all over it.
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    Long gone guys
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    scubalab wrote: »

    Oops... Wrong thread. Hangs head in shame.

    Nice job... 🙄
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