WTB/WTT: Nakamichi deck

I'm looking for a restored or serviced Nakamichi deck like RX-505. I have quite a bit of gear I can trade including Oyaide cables, Black cat speaker wire, Tortuga Audio LDR preamp, PS AUDIO P3, AUDIO TECHNICA ART7 MOVING COIL, ALLNIC H1201. Thanks!!
For Sale 2019:
Tortuga Audio LDR passive preamp
Decware EL34 amp
Allnic H-1201 phono
Zu Union Cubes
iFi iDSD DAC, .5m UBS, iFI Gemini cable, Oyaide Tunami XLR 1.3M, Oyaide Tunami Speaker wire 1.5M, Beyerdynamic DT1990 headphones, PS Audio P3 power center


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