Parting Out LSi Speakers

I have some LSi speakers that I got and the cabinets are in very rough shape. Seems I'd be better off selling the drivers separately. All prices include shipping to CONUS unless otherwise noted.

Mid woofers for LSi9, LSi7, LSiC, LSi15, LSi25, LSi-F/X (MW5534-1) - $50 each
Ring radiator tweeters for all LSi models - $45 each
Grills for LSiF/X - $10 each PLUS actual shipping
Crossovers for LSiF/X - $25 each
Powerports - $15 each

Also have a nice LSiC (complete) that I'd sell for $145 shipped.

Also have a very nice pair of LSiF/X surrounds for sale in the FM that I'll sell for $290 shipped. See them here:


  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524

    Just want to reiterate that shipping is included in all prices except the grills. If anyone wants more than one of anything or multiple items, I'll combine shipping and knock the price down a bit.
  • Interested in the LSiC. I have LSi7's for my fronts and this would match nicely. As long as the extra load on the denon x4000 would be ok?
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    I just looked up your receiver and it looks like quite a nice AVR. Generally 4 ohm speakers put more of a draw than most AVRs can handle. The LSi7s are rated at 4 ohms, but are more like a 6 ohm speaker. The LSiC is a 4 ohm speaker.

    I definitely agree that the LSiC would be a great match for your 7s for a matched front 3 soundstage. You may be able to drive the three with your receiver, however, you’d be better off adding a separate amp since your Denon has Pre-outs.

    I went from an AVR to a preamp and amplifier and it was one of the best improvements I made in our HT.

    Don’t know if that helps or not...
  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 5,047
    Interested in the LSiC. I have LSi7's for my fronts and this would match nicely. As long as the extra load on the denon x4000 would be ok?

    Honestly the 7s are a pretty easy load. The LSiC isn’t going to put you over the edge. Would a separate amp sound better? Yes, but you will be able to enjoy what you have...I drove three LSi7s with a lesser avr and it sounded great to me at the time...
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    @mlistens03 needs to get that center channel
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  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,451
    joecoulson wrote: »
    mlistens03 needs to get that center channel

    I certainly would, but I'm already selling the LSis. :/ Thanks for letting me know. :)
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  • I'll take the LSiC. I see a 3 channel amp in my future though. It was this or a CSI A6 and switch to the RTI series
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    @bcharlesxpl - PM incoming!
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    Sale pending on the LSiC.

    Drivers, tweeters, x-overs, powerports, grills still available.
  • I'm actually looking for a pair in rough shape if selling them hole is an option let me know price shipping to 46176
  • Whole
  • EndersShadowEndersShadow Posts: 16,310
    Hello from another Indiana Polkie @zippty2001
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  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    @zippty2001 - whatcha looking for? I have a pair of LSi9s, 2 pair of LSi-f/x and 2 LSiCs. I sold the good pair of f/x’s and the good LSiC already. The remaining f/x pair, C, and 9s are the ones in “not so great” shape.
  • lightman1lightman1 Posts: 10,087
    Hello from another Indiana Polkie @zippty2001

    Cripes! They're multiplying up there!
  • Ok how much for the set of 9 shipped.
  • dbryantdbryant Posts: 391
    I need two woofers
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    dbryant wrote: »
    I need two woofers

    PM incoming.
  • dbryantdbryant Posts: 391
    Great. Look forward to getting them. Thanks
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    Two MW5534 woofers shipped today. Still have at least two left. $50 each shipped.


    Four ring radiator tweeters available. $45 each shipped.


    Crossovers and power ports available for LSi-f/x speakers. Open to offers on these.

    I’m likely going to keep the LSi9’s. I enjoy them too much while working in the garage.

    Still have a pretty nice LSiC - $150 shipped.

  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,275
    I've found a car care product called Meguiars PlastX works well for removing swirls from the shiny finish. It's a soft polish for plastic and is only $6 or so. Figured I'd post this here in case anyone was worried the top of the LsiC is too swirly.
  • dbryantdbryant Posts: 391
    The woofers were packed really well. Thanks!
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    Bump - Still available:

    2 woofers ($50.00 each shipped)
    4 ring radiator tweeters ($45.00 each shipped)
    1 LSiC center speaker ($150.00 shipped!!!)
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,524
    Sale pending in the LSiC B)
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