FS: APC S20 power conditioner and UPS backup

I have a black APC S20 UPS/conditioner I have been using in my family room audio/video setup. The battery was replaced in June 2018. Unit is flawless and I rate 8/10 due to age. Unit is 6 yrs old. It is rated at 1.25Kw and has handled my McIntosh MA8900, MCT450, D150 DAC, B&W DB1D sub, Panasonic Viera 65" plasma TV, Blu-Ray player, DVR, and shows only 65% capacity. This unit is heavy (76 lbs.) and comes with original box, manual and PC cord. Buyer pays shipping from 77389 and all associated fees. Retail on the APC S20 is $2050, I am asking $900 net to me. I am selling because I am replacing with a PS Audio P12.


  • minerminer Posts: 1,187
    I am sending off to APC for a checkup and bring the software it up to date.
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