SurroundBar3000 won't work

Have had it for 2 years and only had a chance to try it once before the last move.
Now trying it again.

For starters, the remote won't do anything, and the battery is tested good.

Next, not able to get any sound at all. Turning the bar and bass box on manually
the lights light up steady green. I used the optical cable to hook from the LED tv
to the bar via Source 1 and the blue light on the bar lights up, but no sound.
Playing with the volume controls on the bar changed the light to orange which
supposedly is some sort of Learning mode. The directions say to see Learning instructions on page of the manual, but the manual not only has no page numbers but there is also no page with anything titled or explaining Learning mode.

The tv manual says the optical cable sends 5.1CH from the tv, but the polk manual says it only works with 2CH, even when the optical cable is used. The tv says if 2CH is desired a regular audio cable with L-R ends at the bar must be used. Will that likely help make this thing work?



  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 20,205
    I am certain Ken will be along shortly to help you get in touch with the folks that can best help you solve this.
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