Polk Command Bar

I received my soundbar this morning. Everything about set-up seemed to be going smoothly. When wi-fi set-up was complete Alexa said there was an update. She said the update was being installed. She said the update was installed and soundbar would be ready momentarily. When no sound was heard I looked at the light ring and it as "out" and the soundbar was silent. The light ring never came back on and now when I press on the activity button the light ring will come on and spin different colors for about 45 second or so then goes "off" without ever producing any sound. Somehow the update seems to have "bricked" the soundbar and it is totally unusable. I can press and "hold" the activity button and the light ring turns "orange" and I can get it to connect to my wi-fi but I'm still not getting any sound. When I go into "settings" on my tablet the soundbar has "dropped off" being connected to my wi-fi system. I also have the Alexa App on my iPad Pro and when I check the "about" for the Command Bar there is a "0" where the current update version should be. This is my first experience with anything "Alexa" and I don't know where or how to manually download any updates. Any help would be appreciated. I understand the Command Bar will work without Alexa and wi-fi being connected but I'm sure it is properly wired and I just don't know why its not producing any sound now. I'm back to using my internal TV speakers on my LG OLED 65" TV. I'll contac the Polk support by telephone in the next few days. I want to wait to ask Amazon for a refund until I have talked to Polk support. I don't want to exchange it for another one because I'm afraid the same thing will happen again. It's not un unpacking and and repacking this thing for return. Any help from the Forum would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello,
    I'm sorry you're having a problem. I'll copy your post and send it to a Polk engineer who is very familiar with the Command Bar. A suggestion you might try is to unplug the bar's AC cord from the wall outlet and switch off the on/off selector. Wait a few minutes, plug the bar back in and switch on the selector.
  • Hello,
    Here is the reply from Polk:

    "If the update did not go through properly it should have restarted and attempted again.

    Tell him to unplug power and replug power and then wait a few minutes to see if an update will initiate.

    Ask him for his MAC ID which is on the bottom of the bar.

    Also ask him to send us a screenshot of his Polk Command Bar about screen."