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So, this question has probably been asked many, many times-and a buddy at work asked me today also, but what is the absolute best way to get the ultimate sound and video between a 4K tv, a top notch AVR, and say, a PS4? Optical from tv to avr? HDMIs? What configuration provides the best experience?


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    Optical maxes out at 5.1. As suggested above, go with some good HDMI cables.
  • I guess what I’m asking is how to maximize picture and sound from all components involved- optical from tv to avr for just sound? HDMI from PS4 directly to receiver or to tv? Etc. My buddy seems to be connected differently than what I thought was right. I know receivers have this ‘pass through’ for 4K which I guess I don’t totally understand. I only use audio quest hdmi and optical- just want to make sure I have cables hooked up properly. Sorry if this is a silly question!
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    There are multiple ways. Your TV and AVR should both support ARC, making an optical cable redundant. You can choose to run sources direct to the TV and use audio out (usually optical) but as I mentioned, you only get 5.1. It's usually preferred to run sources through the AVR, so then just use all HDMI.
  • I would also just use HDMI only. Also consider going through the picture and sound settings in the PS4 to make sure its output properly. I just went through an upgrade to Atmos, and for a while couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the Atmos output. Well I had to download Atmos from the xbox store before it could output it properly.
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