Green Book

I went to see this movie for my birthday Saturday night, its a time piece period and to really get the meaning/subject matter of this film I would say that you need to be 55 years or older. This story is just another hidden gem of our society and our history when it comes to race relations. From the perspective as a black American (me) I fully understand many of the issues that are covered in the film (including the Green book itself) most people have never heard of the Green Book nor seen one. I can say, that I have, but never fully understood its purpose until I became an adult. For me, being born the year before this true story took place was an reawakening of road trips with family members, and the reason why we would pack our own food and change drivers during our trips so not have to stop to rest. As a child I thought it was all about the adventure, but was never told or heard any complaints from my family about the reasons why we never stopped for food. Overall its a story of a true bond of friendship that develops between to people that actually have more in common then they think.

Family Room HT 7.2/i]:
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