Enclosures for RC80i speakers?

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Hey all, first post here and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, which is admittedly and odd request. I intended to put 4 rc80i speakers into the ceiling of a neighboring business once the remodel was finished. I already purchased the speakers and when I got there this week, they had decided (don't ask me why) to paint the open joists and ceiling black instead of putting up a ceiling. So here's my question:

The rc80i speakers are, from what I understand, made for an infinite baffle type of scenario, but I was wondering if I simply made a 24"x48"x6" box with tons of batting for each speaker if I could achieve a sound that would not be muddy or dull.

Given, the quality of the sound is not paramount here, it's background music for an office and maybe a little more than that for Christmas parties or something similar, but I'm trying to make a good choice for them here. Any help is appreciated.


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