Magnifi max loses connection to speakers

Mikey87Mikey87 Posts: 11
edited December 2018 in Customer Service
From one moment, after 6 weeks of use the soundbar loses fully connection to sub and rears.
I tried reset 4 times - no connection
I tried sync 10-20 times - no connection

What is this for kind of crap!? It begin to look like a cinema set of low budget stuff. First all the popping sounds from sub (still no fix) and now this. What a big shame!!!


  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,765
    Sorry there's a problem. I'll ask a friend at Polk to contact you via email.
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  • And this night the bar goes on himself at 5 o clock! Very loud zoom! God damn, what a drama system. Unbelievable.
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