Spider Man PS4

The new game is a blast so far...


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    I'm still deep into Dragon Quest 11 but I will get this eventually.
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  • It looks really solid. I like @Nightfall am knee deep into another game (Dark Souls 2) and will most likely be for the next 80-100 hours of game play. Once it drops to $30 or below I will be all over it.
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    We got the Special edition PS4 Pro with the Spiderman game included. It's pretty cool it's Red with the Spider logo on the top and comes with a red controller.

    The Game? IT'S FANTASTIC!! My vote for game of the year. I really enjoy playing this game. I'm 53% in and my son is 95%. There is a new story line coming out for it so that's really cool as well.
    If you like spiderman I can't see any reason not to own this game.
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  • I picked up one of the pre-Black Friday deals last week for the console with Spider-Man for $199, and I *love* the game! It's very similar to the Arkham games, but with more levity and color.
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