Good Day folks , suggestions on wiring a pair of SRS 3.1TL

I just traded a pair of power amps from my P.A. for a very nice set of Polk SRS 3.1TL. I have wanted a pair of this line of speaker from Polk. So now I have a set. 1.Trying to find a manual specifically for the 3.1 has been an unsuccessful task so far. If any one can share a link for this I would be great full.
2. I have two Harman Kardon Citation 22 amps. I would like to make use of both of them to power up these bad boys. So what would you say is best from an audio perspective. Biamp the low end of each box on one amp and the top end of each on another amp. Or do I use the same amp for one box with left channel on the top end and the right on the bottom end.
3. I can also run the amps in bridge mono one per box with out biamp

I have the interconnect cable, I am dying to set these up and play them in my family room. I have heard a lot about adding fresh caps on the crossovers, I have to open them up and see if anything has been done as such. Any info on what the upgrade is and what the component swap out is to improve them is also out there.

Thanking you in advance for your feedback


  • gmcman
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    I wouldn't hook your amps up to those speakers yet until you know if you have common ground amps....or the method in which you intend to hook them up will not send something up in magic smoke.

    I'm sure others will chime in.

  • honestaquarian
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    To Doug (@gmcman) you listen!!
    Welcome to the forum btw. I own this very pair of loudspeakers. You would need to use the special AI-1 interface cable. Which is basically a crossfeed cable with an isolation transformer on it, in order to be able to use non common grounded amplification. I am not 100% sure if biamping qualifies. I would err on the side of caution just to be on the safe side.THE WARNING ON THE BACKS OF THE LOUDSPEAKERS SHOULD BE TAKEN QUITE SERIOUSLY!
    Polk no longer makes the AI-1 interface cable (and I no longer have one as I sold mine on eBay earlier this year)
    You can always put out feelers to see if anyone has one that they are willing to part with.
  • F1nut
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    The info I found on your amp seems to indicate it is dual mono, so it may not be common ground. However, since you state it can be bridged that would indicate it might be common ground in stereo. You will need to test the resistance at the negative outputs with the amp unplugged.
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