LSi25 crossover has damaged part.

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LSi25 crossover has damaged part. Polk's technical support couldn’t help me they say at the speakers is too old 😔

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    The one in the second picture is a 5 watt, 1.75 ohm resistor.
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 40,844
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    You should figure out why that resistor cooked before you replace it.

    I also noticed both lead ends on the board at D2 are green meaning the wire has oxidized. That issue needs to be addressed.


  • 7hz8ut7urqp1.jpeg
  • There’s another picture with some numbers
  • Lsi25
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    Seeing oxidation on some of your driver leads, as mentioned above....
    Best bet, replace resistor with a 10 watt (or higher) of same value.
    Were the speakers played very loudly recently??
    Lsi15, Lsi9, LsiC,Rta11t,M5jr+,M4,SDA 3.1TL, SDA SRS 2.3TL, Rti6....Still listing stuff, a work in progress.

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    Polk no longer has any parts for the LSi25 to my knowledge. You have been giving excellent advice above
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