Will my amp blow up if use only one channel?

I am setting up a new system one amp Yamaha P2201 will be connected to my Pioneer HPM 110 pair of Speakers.

Another Yamaha P2201 will be connected to car subwoofers two 15" they are 4 ohms each so will be connected in series 8ohms to one channel the other channel will be left empty.

I will be using an Arcam pre amp it will do for now. Both yamahas will be connected to it. The yamahas take XLR connectors to each channel i have diyed XLR to rca cables.

The yam amp with HPM-110 will have xlr to rca from pre amp on the other yamaha with only one channel can i use only 1 rca to xlr eg just the red rca to the xlr of the yamaha chnl.

This means no input and no output on the other yamaha channel will this blow up my amp?

I am not able to turn the balance knob to 1 chnl on preamp because that will also switch of one HPM 110 on the other yamaha.


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