Two 15" subwoofers 4 Ohm each in series equal how many ohms?

I have 3 Yamaha P2201 monster amps they are 230WPC 8 ohms if I put the 15" 4 ohm sub on each channel will it blow my amp?

If I put them in parralel that equals 2 ohms that will definately damage my amp until fixed already done it once and learned thats how I know they will be 2 ohms other forum members told me.

So this leaves me to put both subs in series and connect to one channel how many ohms will it be total?

I will have to put something else in other channel.

This set up is just to take care of the bass of my sound system.

One other Yamaha P2201 amp is already connected to a pair of Pioneer HPM-110 speakers.

One Yam P2201 needs fixing I switched it on heard a thump and killed a pair of beovox s30's. If repair qoute is reasonable or I am selling.....anyone?


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