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hey I have one twelve and the right box and stuff. I also have fold down eats in me NEON. It looks really neat facing forward toward one of the seats. but the car audio guys at cc say to face it backwards. I think these guys are bsing but what sounds best?
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    there right , usually turning the sub's backwards will almost doulble the sound output, most poeple do face there subs backwards, i know it did in my integra, mine rocks facing the back

    just try it, if it dosent sound good to you turn them back around

    it also really depends you may not even want anymore bass out of your sub's.. but i still would try it!!!

    later teg1gsr
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    Facing the sub towards the rear of your car will allow you to hear deeper bass do to the length the wave has to travel before reaching you in the cabin.
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