WTB Parasound HCA-750a

If you have one please let me know. My shipping zip is 32953.

Non smoking home please.

Plan to bridge it for the center channel. Should have kept mine. :/ :/


  • aiconnaiconn Registered User Posts: 217
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    Parasound HCA-1000A
    Denon DVD 2910
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  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 1,243
    Thanks man. Id rather have one from the Gon than Ebay. There are several on the bay right now. I was hoping to find one here from a Polkie that's trust worthy. Had some bad experiences with audio from the bay.

    I purchased a single JBL L20T from the bay that was supposed to be in good condition. Well... it was other than the cat piss on the main driver. Disinfected multiple times and even had to fill the cone area with cat litter for 5 days to get the smell out. Ended up ditching the L20T's because i couldn't get the idea of the smell out of my head. Seemed like everytime id look at the speaker i would smell cat urine.

    Thanks again aiconn.
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